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Profile Id: 125721    19-Jun-2015
Title:   Software Engineer 10+ years
Location:   Mumbai - Maharashtra -
Software Programming / Database Development  
  • ASP Programming
  • DB Design & Admin
  • Dot Net Developers
  • MS SQL
  • Quality Assurance
  • Visual Basic

Dear Patron ,

I prefer type of work - Part-Time, Full-Time, Contract Basis. .

My prefered location for assignment - Anywhere

Jobs handled -

8+ years of experience in Software field, have a touch of each facets of the IT-industry..

 Sellyt.com

An eCommerce Portal specialized in buying & selling electronic gadgets viz- Smart phones, Mobile phones, tablets, etc. online and getting paid. These gadgets can be disposed environment friendly ways. The user gets paid for their used gadgets based on the condition of product viz- working/nonworking/flawless. The user can place order for selling one or multiple products and can track and generate reports for Invoice and the order status.

Technology: C#.Net MVC, SQL SERVER, SSRS

 PrimaPlus

An Imaging Software to completely cover the data acquisition and maintenance activities related to Surgical / Radiological procedures like Capturing the data live on a computer from a Modality in analogue as well as digital mode. The captured video and image files can be edited, merged and stored with patientís demographic data. The various Patient outputs can be carried out viz- discharge card, auto run Patient CD/DVD , power point presentations of the medical procedures performed. Moreover, Clinical reports, Image Reports, Albums, etc. can also be generated. Primaplus also offers Archival and retrieval of outdated data.

Technology: C#.Net, SQL CE, SSRS, DirectShow

 ChecknTrack

A complete ERP solution for FlameProof device manufacturer industry. It is used to manage business-flow starting from entering enquiries to executing orders and generating invoices along with Inventory and accounts management. Developed to support multi-branch, multi-user over distributed environment. The features like- tracking status of each transaction-entry via Ticket management, granular authentication & permissions, sending alerts via eMails etc. to clients & users at various stages are the strength to the business owner. Various customizable transaction reports, graphical reports, analytical registers and document reports could be carried out. A complete solution to automize industry-specific requirements. The same ERP can also be used for any Manufacturing/Trading industry.

Technology: WPF.Net, C#, SQL Server, Crystal Reports XI

 http://www.swirlwebonline.com

An Online portal for managing mini/large-scale Libraries, to manage their Members, various subscriptions, journals, issue/returns, penalty calculations, etc. Support for Multi-Branch, Multi-User over internet. Fine-grained Authentication & permissions module. Many detailed analytical Reports for every module. Bar-Code reading & generating labels can be carried out.

Technology: ASP. Net, C#, AJAX, SQL Server, SSRS

 http://www.xamsguru.com

Online portal for helping students prepare competitive exams viz- Patwari, Bank PO, Civil Services, etc. Support for online image & multilingual questions and subjects. Various features viz- practicing previous question papers with/ without timer. Generating student-results. All India student rankings for periodic tests. Generating random practice question papers. Answers to all the questions available any time. Graphical progress representation. Control Panel feature for User management, Master- Management, Question/Answers, Weekly Test Paper preparation etc.

Technology: ASP.Net, C#, AJAX, SQL Server, Crystal Reports

 AviatorLog

An Aviation Software for managing flying schedules, sorties, Pilot Logbook, Security, FDTL-Reports, Pilot and AirCraft Masters, Pilot-Medical alerts, Aircraft Service alerts, & various reports, etc. The software supports multi-user environment along with fine-grained User-Authentication and Permissions module.

Technology: .Net, C#, AJAX, SQL Server, Crystal Reports

 ContactPlus

A software tool to manage people and their various contacts along with relationships between one another (if any). It also helps to find people based on fully customized queries. Multiple views of data are available. The tool also supports security for different users and their authentication with multi-database functionality. It also offers analytical reports for every module.

Technology: Net, C#, Access, Crystal Reports

 Viva Memo

An Inventory Software for managing incoming/ outgoing stocks, Inventory evaluation, Documents like- Goods Receipt Note (GRN), Goods Dispatch Note (GDN), Purchase Order (PO), Sales Order (SO), Purchase Bills and Sales Invoices, Accounting etc. Software supports multi- company , multi- financial year features. Sales analysis could be done for the data across financial years and report could be generated. Also analytical Reports for every module could be generated.

Technology: Net, C#, AJAX, SQL Server 2005, Data Reports

 http://www.scotcal.sportcal.com

An online portal for a Scotland based event Management Company which organizes events across globe. The portal allows creating an account for multi-company, multi-users platform. Features like- Adding Contact, Events, Managing User Authentication and authorization, etc. along with relevant reports.

Technology: VB.Net, AJAX, SQL Server