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Profile Id: 128265    19-Nov-2015
Title:   Software Programmer
Name:   NISHANT JHA ()
Location:   Bangalore - Karnataka -
Software Programming / Database Development  
  • AngularJS
  • Dot Net Developers
  • IT Training
  • Oracle

Dear Patron ,

I prefer type of work - Part-Time Basis. Expecting remuneration in terms of Hourly Basis.

My Skill - Specialised in server side programming and UI deveopment using robust technologies..

My prefered location for assignment - Anywhere, Ahmedabad, Bangalore

Jobs handled -

More than 6 year of experience in software industry with major company like Infosys, now working with a product based company..

1) Geo Information System (GIS) Based Transport Management System

The project was developed for Fidelity International. Project is designed for maintaining the availability of the cab to the employee and generating the report at regular interval. System generates the Route for the individual employee for each day. Employee can put request on the web to update their status or the requirement of cab. System was developed to optimize the cost of organization by maintaining all the track of allotting cab to employees

2) Nurturer Tool(Career Builder-SiteInfrastructure) :

The objective of this product Nurturer-Tool is to automate the copying log files from all the web servers in different Racks and parsing those log files and saving all the fields in database. These parsed data is used by data warehouse team to determine the traffic gained by different pages and generating respective reports.

3) MXM Last Author (Career Builder-SiteInfrastructure):

TFS is used as source control so whenever any developer checkin some code there will be a changeset for their particular checkin. Sometimes developer checked in code causes some failure and producing MXMs(Exception). This tool was to automate the process to identify the responsible developer causing MXM or failure and notifying them and their respective leads.

Phase II:

To tag all the MXMs with their respective team. This tool was to automate the process to tag all the folders in project solution with a team. This was done by an automated batch process to check for all the modified files in the particular, and based on modifiers assigning team to folders.

4) Social Login Option (Career Builder-HackDay : Got this project by winning a competition.):

To provide the social login option on the main login page to provide the flexibility to job seeker to explore the Careerbuilder portal without going through the pain of Registration. We are retrieving the information of the job seeker from facebook/Google profile and registering them internally. This increased the job seeker registration by 15.

5) One way Password Encryption (Career Builder-SiteInfrastructure):

To convert the user authentication from two way encryption to one-way encryption. Earlier we were authenticating the user by encrypting and decrypting the user password. To achieve more security we migrated to only encryption of password and eliminating decryption. It means in no case even developer canít decrypt the user password. We are reading password from controls encrypting it and comparing it against the already encrypted password in the database.