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Profile Id: 130787    7-May-2016
Title:   Embedded Developer Linux Device Drivers
Name:   DINESH KUMAR DEEPANI (Lead Engineer)
Location:   Hyderabad - Telangana -
Software Programming / Database Development  
  • Linux Device Drivers in Graphics/USB/Multimedia
  • Embedded System Design / Programming
  • PDAs & Handheld device

Dear Patron ,

I prefer type of work - Part-Time, Full-Time, Contract Basis. Expecting remuneration in terms of Project Cost.

My Skill - - Linux Kernel Internals, Linux device driver development, and Android OS software development and integration. - Developing and porting embedded software for various hardware platform. - Knowledge of operating system concepts. Device drivers and system architecture development - Embedded Linux and RTOS porting and development - Bring-up, verification, and debug of devices on new hardware platforms - Architecting full system solutions, from the device drivers to the front-end, able to de.

My prefered location for assignment - Anywhere, Agra, Ahmedabad, Bareilly, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai - Anywhere, Pune

I as a company deals in - Developing Kernel mode Linux Drivers and Applicatons on Domains like Graphics/USB/I2C/CSI/HDMI .

Jobs handled -

Senior Embedded C/C++ software engineer with 14 years of development experience in Embedded Linux /Android/WinCE domain. Insightful, result-driven Embedded Software Professional with experience working within the mobile graphics (3D graphics, OpenGL,OpenVX) & USB Domains..

Implemented the Kernel Mode driver which uses the Linux DRM framework to support the memory requirements of the OpenVX and 3D graphics driver, The driver provides memory management support for objects like Vertex Buffer objects/Textures.

Implemented Linux Kernel Mode driver for Camera CSI interface for ThinCI image processing vision processor for the Camera ISP on a Altera ArriavV FPGA Board hosting ARM CPU and Max10 FPGA .

Developed user space library used for capturing the Buffers from CSI interface and displaying the frames on the HDMI monitor,

OpenGLES Driver For Android X86 Architecture The driver is meant to support the 3D OpenGLES drawing/rendering operations performed by the surface flinger & render script component of the android GUI stack on the x86 based architectures hosting cx700/cn400 chip sets .

USBIP Driver For Sharing USB Data Over Ethernet Network:he Seat Monitors on Air Crafts are connected over Ethernet network and in Feed Forward topology & the USB based peripherals connected to the USB hubs of Seat Monitors like keyboard, mouse & USB Flash drives data is transported through the Ethernet network to the seats in front.

Development of 3 USB host client Modem and MUX drivers:

There was need for 3 USB Host client drivers on windows mobile OS to communicate with BP processor over a 710 Mux, interface which carries the GSM/CDMA AT call commands & Modem interface to carry the PPP data packets used for browsing and Diagnostic interface to flash & program the OS on BP processor from a PC Desktop.

Worked on developing a remote registry Monitoring tool under wince OS operating system A wrapper library was to be involved which could sit between the OS and user space and which could intercept the system APIís or in other words hook an API and extract the arguments and the return values of the API called by App. It could give the name and statistics of the calling process which had performed the call on the system APIís .