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Profile Id: 97522    17-Jun-2011
Title:   Application Development Engineer
Location:   Delhi - Delhi -
Software Programming / Database Development  
  • C#
  • WCF
  • Web Service
  • SOA
  • Dot Net Developers

Dear Patron ,

I prefer type of work - Part-Time Full-Time Basis. Expecting remuneration in terms of Hourly Basis of appx. Rs.Negotiddable Per Hour.


My prefered location for assignment - Anywhere, Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Delhi, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Noida

Jobs handled -

1)Working with Amadeus India Pvt Limited Gurgaon as SSE from Sept 30 2009.

2) Worked with RSystems International Limited Noida till 30 July 2009.

3) Worked as a Software Engineer in Porteck India InfoServices, Noida from November 1 2006 to Dec 24 2007.

4) Worked as a Software Developer with Bluent Solutions, New Delhi from 7 November. 2005 to 31 October 2006.


1) Project Title : SportsConnection2.

Client : Station Casino Las Vegas USA.

Environment : VS 2008, C#.

Framework : 3.5.

BackEnd : MSSQL SERVER 2005.

Role : Team Member.

Description : This Project is a web site and has ntier architecture. Project is basically made upon the Gambling means placing the wagers. Actually the site has basically has three main parts like Admin, Patron and IVR (Interactive Voice Response System). In this web site the Patron means the front end user can log in by two ways one is by accessing the URL of the site and another one is through the IVR by putting his/her Pin and ID. After Successful login he/she can place the wagers on the racesports by seeing the rundowns of that particular day.


There are n numbers of Admin who can have different rights based on their roles. Super admin has full control over the site. Admin can create a Patron (User), Soft delete a Patron; can make the adjustments against the financial account of Patron etc.


There are n numbers of Patron (Users) who are going to place the wedger against a rundown of the racesports at the particular day depending on his financial account status and depending upon the citizenship. Patron can make a request to close, lock, unlock and share his/her financial account with other Patron(s).

IVR means Interactive Voice Recording System through which a Patron can log in the site and place the wagers after getting the rundowns information against the particular racesports.

Responsibility : Writing the WCF at Middle layer.

Made a POC for the Implementation of Ajax in MOSS 2007 and implemented it through Web Services. Prepared the Business logic and S2S implementation for the Application.

Integration of the Enterprise library at the WCF level


Prepared business logic layer for the application.

2) Project Title : McCann

Domain : Media Management.

Client : McCann USA.

Environment : ASP.NET, C#, Windows Server 2003.

BackEnd : MSSQL SERVER 2005.

Portal Technology : Share Point 2007(MOSS 2007).

Duration : 10 Months.

Role : Team Member.

Description : This Project is based on MOSS2007 and have ntier architecture. Project is made for media management, which basically manages the media flow for a team site. A flow is start from

Client (Top level Site)

There are n numbers of clients can be created and details will store in list and show in a toplevel site.

Campaign (Site Collections)

There are n numbers of campaign can be created for a single client. Every campaign is site, which includes campaign details, campaign memberís event for that campaign and calendar details.

Project (Sub Sites) A one campaign can have more than one projects for there different productsshooting areas. Project maintains the details of Media (i.e. Video, audio, image). And a workflow associated with every items (i.e. Video, audio, image) for users who have involve in this project.

All the members of the team with different user and password use this flow according to Permission assigned by administrator. For every process work flow functionality is added so user start the work flow for its own project with different parameters which will be in progress till the time when every user who has assign this task is not completed. Some added functionality like calendar events and dashboard added for the projects.

Responsibility : Made a POC for the Implementation of Ajax in MOSS 2007 and implemented it through Web Services. Integration Of Third party tools like Flip Factory Of TeleStream to flip the audio, video and IcPhotoController to flip the image files into the different formats like Flash, Quick time, mp3, gif, png etc.

Involved in the development of different fields and content types in Share Point Portal.

Prepared different layers like Business, Data Object and Data Layer for Application.

Created a utility to create share point 2007 sub sites under toplevel site.

Customize Existing feature (Web Parts, Document Library, java Script, features) of Share Point Server 2007, WSS 3.0.

Get the users information from Active Directory and added them to portal and removed from portal.

Involved in the deployment phase of the project at the client side like features, lists, webparts, custom pages etc.

3) Project Title : HaveU.

Client : Dellamore UK.

Objective : This website is prepared for objective of surveying people across the

World. In this website survey of a product can be done with the help

Of a game.

Environment : ASP.NET, C#, Windows 2000 Professional.

BackEnd : MSSQL SERVER 2000.

Architecture : MVC of Dot Net.

Duration : 4months.

Role : Team Member

Description : The application is designed to map Ntier architecture design

And on MVC architecture. It consists of three logical layers Mainly the presentation layer as web tier, the business layer As middle tier and the data access layer the third tier. All the

ASP.Net Web Forms in the presentation tier communicate to C# business component in the logical middle layer tier the Business logical layer (BLL). In turn the business components Access a back end database through ADO.Net and SQL Server Helper class forms the Data Access layer (DAL).

The Model has two web interfaces

3)Toolkit Interface

4)Client Interface

This website is divided into three modules.

1: Admin

2: Client

3: Player

In Admin section an admin can manage whole website.

Admin prepares games for the client. Launches game.

Prepares report for client against any game.

Handles both players and client transaction. Generate winners

In Client section.

A client can register with this web site.

Client can prepare a game for himrequest a game to admin to prepare a game for him.

Client can also add to user under his account.

Client can request a report against any game.He can view reports.Client can view his transactions done and top up credit to his account at any time.

In Player section.

The entire player has a common interface inspit of him being as a free usera member. The Player work area will distinguish a user if and only if a user is interested in the prize money associated with the contest. The registered players will have a common contest workspace. The workspace will have following components.Live contest with a search component. Player will search and select the contest in which he is interested. The selection will have options for the player to select the games as freepaid. Free player will not be considered for being winner.

Responsibility : Design functional and technical document

: Coding (developed customized user controls).

: Developed GUI of different Web Forms according to